Free 1-1 Q&A Call With Lukas (NOT A SALES CALL)


1. Doing at least £5K/month in profit.

2. Want to scale to £100K+/month.

3. Must have one of the following types of businesses:

High-ticket info, consulting, coaching or B2B education/service.

ALSO FOR: content creators/influencers with a large following who want to monetise.

Read below to find out if you qualify

Why I'm Doing This

Here are my incentives:

- I've decided to start sharing the frameworks we've used to scale our online consulting/info/high-ticket/B2B businesses.

- To do this, I'm starting a mastermind/program. My aim is to make it the best ever. It will be made specifically for the above avatar. Only.

- I want to hear about the problems you're facing. So I can tailor my solution (mastermind + program) to the one hyper-specific avatar I am choosing to serve.

- This will give me the information required to build the best program/mastermind for the above type of online businesses ever made.

- I've had this idea for a long time. I have put a lot of thought into this. And have discussed it with many older, more successful people than me. These are the final touches. It will be ready to release soon.

What will happen on your call

I (Lukas) provide you with massive (crazy) amounts of value for 30 minutes. That will unlock lots of growth in your business.

If I think you're qualified, at the end, I'll ask you if you want to find out more about my new mastermind/program.

If you do, we'll schedule another call, and come to a decision together. If you don't, no sweat.

- Best case scenario: you gets lots of value from our call. You make bucket loads of cash. You decide to join my mastermind.

- Worst case scenario: you gets lots of value from our call. You make bucket loads of cash. You don't join. And you have nice things to say about me.

Either scenario is a win-win.

Real, real: I don't need the money. I am playing a long, long game. I'll explain WHY I'm choosing to start a mastermind on our call.

P.S. People have paid £2,500 for an hour of Lukas' time. You get 30-minutes for free. This offer is limited. Get your call while you can - seriously.

*Coaches, Consultants, Agency Owners*

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