Apply to become a portfolio company, and work 1-1 with Lukas & his team

How we plan to grow your business

  • Frequent 1-1 calls with Lukas. And our subject matter experts at

  • Promise of massive focus, and massive growth in your business, or you get to keep our investment, and you get our equity back.

  • Build out an optimised monetisation structure for your business.

  • Deep dive on your business to identify the biggest growth unlocks.

  • Implement our strategy playbook so that we hit your 3 year goals in 1 year.

  • Ruthless focus on the core things that drive the most growth.

  • Our team implement our never-revealed before playbooks that grow your business at an alarming rate.

  • Build a backend that prints money.

  • Get rid of the worst customers, and double-down on our most profitable ones.

  • 3-8x the total spend of all customers.

  • Build a compounding acquisition channel.

  • Plug in our incentive-based referral and affiliate programs that bring us more customers than we'll be able to handle (for now).

  • Build the foundations that will take your business to £500K+ per month (Where we want to take all our portfolio companies in the next few years)..

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Step 2: Strategic Action Plan

Get a detailed implementation plan for how we can achieve your goals.

Step 3: Investment Offer

We provide an offer with terms on how we would like to invest our capital & time into your business to participate in the growth over the next 5 years.

We analyze your traffic sources, acquisition process, and your monetization strategy to show you the opportunities.

Step 1: Business Review